Ka Lei Aloha O Hula

For Historical and/or Cultural Perspective
Shoal of Time, Gavan Daws
Around the World with a King, William N. Armstrong
Hawaiian Mythology, Martha Beckwith
Grapes of Canaan, Hawaii 1820, Albertine Loomis
Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen, Liliuokalani
The Hula, Jerry Hopkins
Hula, Historical Perspectives, (Bishop Museum) Barrere, Pukui, Kelly
Nineteenth Century Hawaiian Chant, (Bishop Museum) Elizabeth Tatar
Hawaiian Music and Musicians, Kanahele (editor)
Sacred Hula, Amy K. Stillman
To Compare Sources and Translations
Na Mele O Hawai'i Nei, Elbert and Mahoe
The Unwritten Literature of Hawai'i, Nathaniel Emerson
Hawaiian Dictionary, Pukui and Elbert
Hawaiian Grammar, Pukui and Elbert
Spoken Hawaiian (textbook), Elbert
Online Resources
www.olelo.hawaii.edu - Hawaiian Language Online
www.ulukau.org - Ulukau, The Hawaiian Electronic Library
www.wehewehe.org - Hawaiian Dictionaries
www.hccp.ksbe.edu - Hawaiian Cultural Center
www.hulapreservation.org - Hula Preservation Society
www.huapala.org - Huapala, Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives
www.thegourdconnection.com - The Gourd Connection
www.kawaiolaphotography.com - Kawaiola Photography
www.clarkedesign.net - ClarkeDesign, graphic design
www.alohadesigns.net - Aloha Designs, hula bags & implement covers

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